Obanzai & Sake Bar Nagomi

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Seats : テーブル8席/カウンター25席

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  • Seats : テーブル8席/カウンター25席

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  • Seats : テーブル8席/カウンター25席

Around 50 varieties of Obanzai available, including sake, stew, seafood, last-order, and more

An Obanzai and sake bar where all items are offered at a universal price of \380 (\418 with tax). We offer around 50 different kinds of Obanzai, including sake, stew, seafood, last-order, and more. For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend the hand-made pudding which contains high quality “Wasanbon” sugar (get it before it sells out!). Happy Hour is weekdays from 11am – 5pm, and you can drink as many highball or chuhai drinks as you want for \100 (\110 with tax)! Come to Nagomi for a lunchtime drink! Solo and 1-drink patrons are also welcome!
*An entrance fee of \300 per person (\330 with tax) will be charged separately.

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